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Cloudlets presents Jelastic, the fastest & most scalable web app platform in Australia

Cloudlets is the Australian home of Jelastic - the fastest web app platform for PHP sites (such as Wordpress or Magento), JAVA, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go and easy provisioning and hosting of Docker and Kubernetes.

Watch the video to learn how Cloudlets and Jelastic not only substantially increases your performance and uptime, but also saves you time and money!

Vertical & horizontal scaling

Automated Vertical Scaling adds and removes resources to your container according to current demands, ensuring your app is always delivered and always available.

Automated Horizontal scaling adds or removes clustered containers according to incoming load to ensure even in an unexpected peak traffic event your content is available and delivered.

Clustered containers

Easily provision a comprehensive clustered environment with multiple nodes for NGINX, PHP-FPM, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Memcached, Redis etc. One click installs for common clustered environments (e.g. Wordpress, Magento, Tomcat and much more).

Easy deployment

Deploy PHP (including one-click Wordpress and Magento installations), JAVA, Ruby, NodeJS and Python applications via our simple web based uploader, or directly using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins such as Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ.

Easily deploy development or production environments supporting any of the above languages with or without clustering.

Take advantage of our free migration services for PHP, cPanel or Plesk hosted websites.

The Jelastic platform provides a wide range of features



Easy creation, cloning and importing of development, staging and production environments.



Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling ensuring your application is always online and always performing.


Micro and Legacy Services

Perfect for running low-cost microservices, and support for legacy applications in secure environments.


Easy Configuration

Fast and easy setup of clustered and highly available applications. With full configurational control and one-click installations of clustered environments.

zero downtime

Zero Downtime Deployment

Automated traffic distribution means adding or removing servers from clustered services is performed seamlessly.

load balancing

Load Balancing

Out-of-the-box TCP and HTTP(S) load balancing is available for all environments on the infrastructure and application level.


Free SSL

Cloudlets supports Free and Custom SSL certificates on all apps, containers and services.

application management

Application Management

Easily hibernate, stop and restart applications. Full support for application cloning - perfect for staging environments.



Built-in monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage and IO with configurable alert notifications.


Sharing Environment

Account collaboration with different configurable access levels provided for team sharing.


Application Administration

Full application administration via the UI, SSH, our API and direct CLI.

deployment sources

Deployment Sources

Fast deployment via GIT, SVN, FTP, SFTP and our web based UI.

virtual server

Virtual Private Servers

Create and run virtual private servers powered by CentOS, Ubuntu and more.



Full marketplace with a rich set of preconfigured applications ready to deploy with one click.



Easy one-click installation of Kubernetes services complete with scalability and flexibility.

How is Jelastic different to AWS?

Amazon is quite simply an infrastructure company. For your developers to make use of that infrastructure you still need an ops team behind you to make it do something. For example, if your developers need to produce an application that’s going to get the business from one point here to another point there, you can think of that application as a car. Your developers are crafting the bodywork, the seats, and all the other things you need inside that car for it to be your perfect application.

Then at the end of it all, to actually make that car move, you need an engine and that’s basically the server infrastructure. At Amazon, to create that engine, you need to configure the optimal application stack from over 70 different services. This is not something developers generally do, they are not engine guys, it's most likely they don’t know how to configure services for optimal performance, they are fantastic at their jobs - building the rest of the car.

If you don’t have an operations expert there’s no real way to make Amazon work. This alone is enough to try the Jelastic platform, before you take into consideration the amount of money that Cloudlets can save you. Click the button below to check out the real case pricing comparison.

If you have any questions, please contact us

Our professional support team try to do their best to provide you with high-quality consultations concerning any questions about our services.


Applications around the world are powered by the Jelastic PaaS Platform


Data Centers around the world run the Jelastic PaaS Platform. Cloudlets is Australia's home for Jelastic.


Languages supported including JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python & Go. Plus Docker and Kubernetes.


The number of applications and environments available for one-click installation in the marketplace.

Free trial & free migration

If you're not already convinced we recommend you try our 14-day commitment free trial. We also provide free migration of PHP, cPanel or Plesk hosted websites.

The process


Determine your application

You can publish an application you have in any of the supported languages (PHP, JAVA, Node.js, Ruby, Python or Go), or start with a default installation of common applications (such as a regular wordpress or magento).


Start your trial

Enter your email address and start your trial. This will provide you access to the Cloudlets PaaS dashboard where you have access to manually configure and launch an application, as well as the PaaS one-click marketplace.


Check out the marketplace

The marketplace in the Cloudlets dashboard provides you one-click solutions for many applications and environments, including regular and fully clustered high availability configurations.


Create your environment

Whether you choose to configure your environment manually or a one-click installation, you will find the perfect setup for your application. With a one-click install your application will also be installed, or alternatively you will upload your application or configure retrieval from GIT/SVN.


Set your limitations

Now your application is up and running you should set your limitations, this includes setting a base minimum resource level (resources you pay at a discounted rate), and a scalable maximum (amount of resources you are happy for us to scale to if required to keep your application running to maximum capability).

You can also modify your environment to add or remove clustered components and high availability.

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