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Dynamic Pricing model

Cloudlets dynamic pricing is our standard pricing model, it is priced similarly to AWS if you used 100% of your CPU/RAM resources 100% of the time, if you use less than your available resources ALL the time, you will pay less with Cloudlets.

Imagine presenting to your boss a solution that will save their business 30-50% in hosting costs, provide better performance, better redundancy including load balancing & HA clustering, save you time by being more easily provisioned with less expertise, increase your uptime with automatic resource and container scaling, and provide Australian support when you need it. Click here to get an understanding of the cloudlets pricing policy and how it will seriously save you money.

Fixed Pricing model

Cloudlets is generally based on the dynamic pricing model below based on your actual resource usage, however, we have created a premium fixed hosting plan specifically for PHP webiste hosting. For details please click here.

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