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Docker on Cloudlets

Cloudlets provides easy installation of Docker containers, with simple publishing from the Docker Hub. Our environment has proven to comfortably outperform all VPS level hosting we have tested it against.

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Docker Features:
  • Environment Flexibility

    The Cloudlets platform allows you to create an environment around your Docker container from a simple attached MySQL database, to a load balanced cluster. Some of the features include:

    • Nginx, Apache Balancer, HAProxy or Varnish load balancing.
    • Memcached or Redis for caching.
    • MariaDB, MySQL CE, Percona or PostgreSQL for SQL databases.
    • MongoDB, Couchbase CE or Redis for flat file databases.
    • Run a docker container and install any application from the docker hub.
    • All containers in an environment have an internal IP address and internal traffic is FREE.
  • Simple Installs

    You can easily provision anything published on the Docker Hub directly to your docker container, simply select docker as your application server and then search the Docker Hub by simply entering the name of the image you are looking for. Select from the list that appears and it will be automatically downloaded and provisioned for you.

  • Free Trial

    We provide a 14-day free trial. This means you can properly test your Docker application on cloudlets without spending a cent. We are certain you will be so impressed you will become a loyal customer for years to come.

  • Combating Scrapers and Heavy Load Events

    Running a popular application in a Docker container can be a balancing act. If scrapers hit your app causing hundreds of requests per second it would slow to a crawl or stop working at all. If a promotion sees an influx of hits from legitimate customers you need infrastructure to be able to handle it. With dynamic cloudlets you have access to extra resources on the fly whenever your app requires them without you doing anything. Cloudlets just handles it for you.

    Instead of losing business by being offline, you just pay for the extra resources only when your app actually requires them. Don't risk losing sales by choosing standard hosting services, let us worry about your hosting, so you can work on your sales.

We are ready to meet your needs.

The team at cloudlets are ready to help you with any advice you may need in setting up and configuring your environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our mission is to provide you with a service that not only outperforms competitors but costs you less.

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