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Free Trial

Cloudlets provides a 14-day free trial of our services. Once your trial period is complete you can upgrade to a paid account. If you do not choose to upgrade to a paid account you will not pay for any services. For free copy and test migration click here. For fixed price hosting click here.

To get started simply click the button below:

Pathway to your environment:
  • Create your account above

    Use the button above to create an account with This will email you access details which you will use to login to the Cloudlets dashboard. If you have a website you would like us to migrate to an optimal environment for you, visit the free copy & test migration page after signing up and request a free migration. We will be able to migrate your site with access via a temporary domain name so you can easily see the difference in speed between your current hosting and hosting within the Cloudlets environment before actually pointing your domain to us.

  • Check out the marketplace

    The dashboard marketplace has many one-click environments that have been optimised for the Cloudlets platform. You can quickly and easily modify the environment topology after it has been provisioned. This is the easiest way to get started with your Cloudlets trial.

  • Review the topology

    Once your environment is up and running you can review the topology. Adding extra features such as a Memcached container is a simple one-click process.

  • Setup your SSH key

    You can upload files up to 1GB and unzip them within the platform. To be able to upload files over 1GB you need to create an SSH key for accessing your containers. This only needs to be done once per account (you can use the same key to access any of your containers). For full instructions on accessing your environment via SSH please see:, ensure you save the generated private and public key to a safe location. Once the public key is uploaded to the Cloudlets dashboard, you can use the corresponding private key to authenticate to SFTP or SCP for easy file transfer (we recommend WinSCP or Filezilla).

  • Setup your application

    Now you have SSH, SCP and SFTP access your containers you can upload your files. You can also grab them directly from GIT or SVN. You will be able to simply access PHPMyAdmin for any database containers, as well as HTTP/HTTPS for any NGinx, Apache, Node.JS, JAVA containers. Once you have your application up and running it will be accessible via an internal domain name such as (, this enables you to easily compare the speed if you are intending to migrate from another provider before assigning your live domain to it. Once you are happy that your Cloudlets environment performs much better than your existing provider, you can bind an external domain to your new environment with a simple CNAME record to your DNS zone (purchase of a public IP is not necessary but is available if you require it).

We are ready to meet your needs.

The team at Cloudlets are ready to help you with any advice you may need in setting up and configuring your environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our mission is to provide you with a service that not only outperforms competitors but costs you less.

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