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Premium Fixed Priced Hosting

We are passionate about website speed. Host your PHP based website on our ridiculously fast platform for a set price. Order a free copy & test migration so you can see the difference.

Fixed Pricing Features:
  • The Cost

    There are two premium options with regards to your wordpress environment:

    • Premium PHP environment containing one LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Redis) container, a public IP, free SSL, 50GB SSD disk and 200GB of bandwidth monthly. Total cost is $21.50 per month + GST (or $250 + GST paid annually). This is equivalent to 5 Cloudlets (1.25GB RAM and 2Ghz Processor).
    • Clustered PHP environment containing two identical LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Redis) containers automatically load balanced on different physical hosts, a public IP, free SSL, 50GB SSD disk and 200GB of bandwidth monthly. Total cost is $43.00 per month + GST (or $500 + GST paid annually). This is equivalent to 10 Cloudlets (1.25GB RAM and 2Ghz Processor for each container).

      The clustered environment supports twice the amount of simultaneous hits and the redundancy of having your data duplicated live across two physical servers.

    Extra bandwidth is charged at $0.045 per GB + GST. Our bandwidth is premium bandwidth with our major providers being Telstra and Optus. We also provide full DDOS protection using a combination of DDOS scrubbing for international traffic, DDOS mitigation on-site and live IPS/IDS traffic inspection for known exploits.

  • Free Copy & Test Migration

    No matter where you currently host your wordpress, magento or other PHP based website we provide a free copy & test migration to the cloudlets platform so you can see the difference before making any changes to your production website or committing to any service. Simply fill out the form on the free copy & test migration page to order your free migration, if you need some advice simply email or give us a call on 1300 839 448.

    A copy & test migration is a completely free service, we do not collect any payment details from you, and is completely obligation free. We are passionate about getting the best speeds possible and are sure you will be impressed.

    Once we have a copy your site running on our platform you can review it for performance before deciding whether to move forward and host with us.

  • Combating Scrapers and Heavy Load Events

    Running a popular PHP site used to be a balancing act. If scrapers hit your website causing hundreds of requests, your site would slow to a crawl or stop working at all. If a promotion sees an influx of hits from legitimate customers you need infrastructure to be able to handle it. Cloudlets premium hosting is an optimised environment that has resources dedicated to your website only. It supports hundreds of hits per second.

    Still not enough? We can customise your premium hosting by increasing available dynamic resources or the number of clustered containers serving your site. That way you have access to extra resources on the fly whenever your site requires them without you doing anything. Cloudlets just handles it for you.

    Instead of losing business by being offline, you just pay for the extra resources only when your site actually requires them. Don't risk losing sales by choosing standard hosting services, let us worry about your hosting, so you can work on your sales.

We are ready to meet your needs.

The team at cloudlets are ready to help you with any advice you may need in setting up and configuring your environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our mission is to provide you with a service that not only outperforms competitors but costs you less.

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